Sunday, August 20, 2006

Banners Advertising Greece

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Banner advertising is the traditional way to advertise your business over the internet, although there are novel ways to make it more effective than ever. There are millions of existing websites in which you can advertise your products and services. Choosing the most appropriate websites to bring the greatest ROI is a challenging task that requires the careful consideration of all parameters.

Moreover, each site has a different costing policy for the appearance of your banners. A good deal for the right position and the right time on a website combined with a banner with ‘a great look and feel’ can increase the performance of your campaign significantly.
Banner advertising must consider what your business wants to achieve. Is it to increase traffic to your site, increase sales or increase brand awareness? The message changes according to your objectives.

Let our web advertising specialists find the best places on the web for your banners to help you maximize your return on investment. Even if you want to enhance your business's brand identity, attract more visitors to your website or increase sales, our professional team will design the banner with the most ideal look and for advertising your business and expand your marketing mix.

Nelios banner advertising methodology

  • Identify the market  to target

  • Design the web media plan

  • Choose the correct banner technology

  • Apply creative development

  • Place the ads online

  • Report the campaign results possesses extensive experience in this sector and all the appropriate tools to design, manage and track the best banner-led advertising campaign for your business. Use this channel to expand your marketing mix and meet your marketing goals.


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