Sunday, August 20, 2006

Content Writing Greece

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Preparing texts for a website is not as easy as you may think. To begin with, website text must contain a certain density of important keywords so that the search engines “discover” the site, allowing you to effectively promote your product or service. In addition, the style, language, grammar and spelling all play a very important role in reflecting your image and level of professionalism. Visitors to your website will assess your worthiness and standing as a company not only through graphics and photos, but also through language and style. In this sense, content writing becomes an art.

Our team of copywriters and native English speakers will generate original, error-free content that will promote you through key words and reflect the best possible image for your site. If needed, a team of professional translators will transform the English text into Greek, French and/or German, among other languages.

Content writing methodology

  • Selecting ideal keywords that will guarantee your presence within the first few pages of the search engines

  • Understanding your marketing strategy and company philosophy

  • Developing the content based on the above

  • Proofreading the content

  • Translating the content if necessary

  • Optimizing the content for no more than 5 keywords


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