Sunday, August 20, 2006

e-Marketing Strategy Greece

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Internet marketing consulting

Internet marketing is a new and fast-growing advertising channel that has become an essential means of promoting products and services. The success of internet advertising is based on the ability to accurately determine and isolate your target market and track your return on investment. Internet advertising will give your company exposure to your market that is essential to today’s technologically savvy consumer, as well as report on their interests and characteristic behaviours related to your product. At any time, you are able to track the success of your internet advertising from reports on anything from number of visits to volume of sales and overall return on investment.

At, our internet advertising consultants have the expertise and tools to manage, design and analyze your company’s internet advertising presence. Our team of experts works in cooperation with your management to develop the most ideal internet advertising strategy for the specific needs of your business. e-Marketing methodology:

  • Target market definition and analysis

  • Determining the best online advertising channels for your target market

  • Web media plan development and budgeting

  • Banner design and message creation

  • Campaign activation

  • Reporting and analysis internet marketing consultants in Greece develop specific advertising plans that will promote your business according to your needs.


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