Sunday, August 20, 2006

Email Marketing Greece

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E-mail Marketing is the most cost-effective solution for targeting new customers or selling new products to existing customers. provides tailor-made e-mail marketing services to target your specific market and increase your sales.

Our professional staff manages all the steps of your e-mail marketing campaign such as the design of the e-mail, the delivery process and the reporting of your campaign's results. The most important part of your e-mail campaign is the development of e-mail content and design. will study your business model so as to concentrate on specific points of your email. This is the only way to achieve your greatest possible infiltration in marketplace.

Our e-mail marketing methodology

  • Study and planning of the e-mail’s structure and content

  • Develop web pages on your site that receive the visits of the e-mail

  • Send test messages to control the response of the public to fine-tune the process

  • Forward messages

  • Evaluate returns from your campaign through analytical reports

Why e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is a cost effective service that will drive targeted visitors to your website. It may only take one well designed e-mail in combination with a successful product or service to increase your sales and enhance your corporate branding. In addition you have the ability to:

  • Analyze and track ROI in real time

  • Test your new services and products (demos, opinions)

  • Promote your products in detail

  • Increase your customers’ loyalty by promoting your new products to existing customers easily

  • Support your customers further by sending them announcements and updates


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