Sunday, August 20, 2006


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The company’s history demonstrates the dynamic nature of

Sep  2006 - Dimitris Serifis creates a company by the name Future Web, that undertakes website’s design and implementation.

Oct  2006 - The same year, the company cooperates with (Christoforos Mavromatis), now known as, which is a subsidiary of Hayes Travel based in the United Kingdom (UK).

Jul 2007 - In July 2007, was established by Christopher Mavromatis and Dimitris Serifis and Future Web was renamed. The services were extended by the addition of consulting services and Internet marketing. The first staff recruitment took place and within the year's core was created.

Feb 2008 – Next year, recruited a team of trained professionals, investing in people, reinforcing the momentum of the existing group.

Feb 2009 - At the beginning of  2009, the group is enriched with more members, to meet the growing needs of the company and now has established a good clientele which will lead one step further.

March 2009 -At the same year, the company develops for the 1st time in Greece, a site that supports dynamic availability search in two steps, implementing | Dynamic Packaging.

Today - While being in the 4th quarter of 2009,’s team has 15 people with different study backgrounds in the areas of information technology, electronic commerce, marketing, tourism, web design and products and systems design engineering.

Meanwhile,’s web developers are in the final phase of integrating company’s CMS ( | XLixis) and company’s e-shop ( | E-shop).


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