Monday, August 21, 2006

SEO Consultants Greece

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The professional team provides you with professional SEO guidance that will drive your business to the top, ensuring that your search engine rankings are at their highest possible. Taking into consideration your selection of keywords, our team will analyse your website structure, content, link popularity and competition in order to establish the best SEO strategy, which is important for your company web development.

Keywords Selection's smart keyword generator is an easy to use tool that helps you find the best keywords for your SEO campaign. Selecting your keywords is the most important task as all the operations that follow will be based on these keywords. Our company’s smart key generator is a useful and necessary tool which is designed to help you find the best possible keywords for your SEO campaign.

On Site Operations

The starting point of the search engine optimization process is without doubt onsite optimisation. Our specialists can check your website's code consistency with W3C technology, as well as verifying meta tags, titles, links syntax, outgoing links, and download time of your pages in order to send you detailed reports and give you essential advice for the improvement of your website.

Off Site Operations

An important step in the optimization process is also the offsite operations. Our professional team will verify that your website and all of its pages are indexed in the search engines. They will also check the number of incoming links to your website and the websites they come from. Our SEO consultants will then gather all these details in order to create a report that will help you understand the analysis of your website’s performance on the Internet.


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