Sunday, August 20, 2006

Social Media Marketing Greece

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Social media marketing is a term describing the use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service. Some of the most famous and widely used social media marketing tools are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Wikipedia, Youtube and Orkut.'s experts undertake the realisation of social media marketing strategies so as to achieve optimal results for its clients' brands. These strategies conclude in better brand awareness, high website traffic and, ultimately, ROI.

Three important aspects of social media marketing:

  • There is a basic need to create buzz or newsworthy events, posts, videos, tweets or blog entries that attract attention and become viral. Buzz is what makes social media marketing effective. It replicates a message through user to user contact, rather than tradiotional methods concerning ad campaigns or press releases.

  • Another important issue concerns builiding ways which enable fans of a brand or company to promote corporate messages themselves. Facebook Fan pages is an example.

  • The trigger of online conversations is considered a main factor that affects the success of social media marketing strategies. It is something that it is not controlled by the organization. On the contrary, it encourages user participation and dialogue.

Nowadays, it is vital for a company to participate in Social Media and that is something's staff aknowledges by studying, proposing, designing and implementing social media marketing strategies.


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