Monday, August 21, 2006

SSL Certificates Greece

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Invest in the safety of your network place and gain the confidence of your visitors. If the transactions via your network place contain sensitive personal information from your visitors, information of credit cards etc, then they should be transmitted via secure connections. This is very important because both your customers and your company can be protected from electronic fraud.

We use SSL certificates in order to encrypt data transmitted through our website. This makes it extremely difficult for malicious users to intercept sensitive information.

Experience has shown that the minimal level of encryption that is desirable is 128-bit. Based on the past history of improvements in computer performance, security experts expect that 128-bit encryption will work well on the Internet for at least the next ten years.

How does SSL works?

  • Client makes a request for secure content

  • Your website presents its private SSL certificate

  • Client verifies your certificate and generates a unique key

  • Client extracts the public key from your certificate and encrypts the unique key

  • Client sends the encrypted key to your website

  • Your site decrypts the key and both now have a common key for that transaction

  • Your website and the client can now communicate securely is an official partner of Thawte, one of the most respected and trusted brands in the SSL industry


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