Sunday, August 20, 2006

Travel Portals

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Recent years, there has been an increase in Travel portals, leading to the creation of new services and solutions related to integrated information provided by a web portal. has the knowledge to develop such websites, ideal for supporting a wide range of issues, opportunities and benefits. The services provided in a web portal - regardless of content – include provision of email accounts and continuous news flow (news feed) in direct connection with stock market, as well as information providing, database services and, last but not least, user-entertainment features.

Specifically, Travel portals - in addition to the above benefits - in conjunction with other applications can provide online ticket reservations. The visitor can navigate through subpages accessing all relevant information and be subscribed to free online services, which will help oneself to navigate through the WWW and be informed using these online services, such as feedback via email.

The development of Travel portals by is one of the services which come under the corporate philosophy, providing integrated web solutions for clients.


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