Sunday, August 20, 2006

Web Media Plan Greece

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Expanding your media plan through the internet can have profound effects on your business. Just think how many new customers you can gain through the Internet or how many customers are looking for your products and services. It is a big loss for your company if the internet is not included on your media plan. The point is how to find the right websites to promote your products among more than 5 million websites. When you decide to expand your marketing mix on the internet, you may need to design a specific media plan just for your internet marketing strategy.
Media experts at have all the appropriate tools to locate and focus on your target group over the internet. We provide web media plan services to help maximise your ROI of your total marketing strategy.

Years of experience in internet advertising have shown us that once your target group is identified, there are three factors that affect the success of a web advertising campaign:

  • The meaning of the advertisements

  • The position and time that we advertise your business on a website

  • The design and language of the advertisements

Nelios media plan methodology

Our team consists of creative and skilled web designers, copywriters and web developers who work effectively to meet your goals and challenges. They work as a team in order to study and analyze your needs and then draw your new advertising campaign.

Analytically our methodology is:

  • selecting the main slogan of your campaign

  • developing a powerful, creative, well-written series of advertisements

  • creating attractive web banners that use cutting-edge design technology

  • selecting websites and newsletters that correspond to your target group

  • tracking the campaign results and your ROI

Why web advertising?

  • Allows you to track your ROI at any time

  • Cheaper than the traditional advertising channels

  • Easy to target customers

  • Attracts more visitors to the website and lets them find out more about your company

  • Keep in mind that a smart advertising campaign with a well-designed website increases your corporate brand.


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