Monday, August 21, 2006

Web Usability Greece

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Web usability & navigation analysis

It is extremely important for the visitor of your website to instantly understand how to use it. Web usability is the art of encouraging your visitors to interact with your website. Elements like photos, banners, menu items etc., must be placed in a way that allows visitors to easily understand your site and your content.

Another important fact is the navigation analysis of your website. Visitors must be able to find what they are looking for easily and quickly. The menu and the links of the website must have a clear and understandable structure.
Having invested in the study and understanding of what attracts the attention of a visitor to a website, our team will analyse the particularities of your market and products in order to show your customers the most important highlights of your business.

Web usability studies include:

  • Navigation analysis

  • Site architecture analysis

  • Examination of the difficulty level for the visitor to find information

  • Content analysis

  • Emphasis on the strong points of the business

After concluding the process of studying and designing your campaign, a specialized team at will navigate your site while another 'navigation design' team studies and records their actions. This allows the latter to discover the gaps and omissions that when addressed will improve the website.


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