Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Official Blog of


So, yes, our new redesigned website is up and running for about a week now. We are really proud of it; web design, web and applications development, information design and content – all implemented by Nelios' team.

We also decided to start our own corporate blog, with the aim of sharing our team’s knowledge and opinions about different subjects and, of course, establish another way of interaction with all of you who are interested in our work.

Every member of Nelios’ team will be posting content when there is something to be shared; we constantly trying to be ahead of things and be original.

Most posts will be probably in English due to the fact that most tech-terms are best known in English, but we are going to use both English and Greek language.

Feel free to comment, share your ideas, opinions and thoughts. We’d love your feedback.


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  2. Wish you the best Alicia, very good job