Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ORM in Eclipse

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Eclipse helps a lot of people to program quick and easy. However, with a quick Google search we saw that there isn't any simple ORM to help you when you write PHP code. So, our web developer Johnny S. created a simple code that helps you synchronize with the database.

It's really easy to implement... check the URL on this embed tweet ;)

ORM in Eclipse [simple code that helps you synchronize with database] http://ow.ly/1D1Bz #eclipse #mysql #php //via @scoumbourdisless than a minute ago via web

Embed tweet? Hey, that is something new. Remember this Nelios' tweet? Well, I used the code given in order to create this embed tweet! I am sure that there will be an easier way implementing embed tweets in the near future...it depends on who will spare the time and write a more direct way.

Credits: Johnny's personal blog [ORM in Eclipse] and Blackbird Pie [Embed tweet code generator]


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