Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Recap by Nelios Blog: 6+1 Stories You May Have Missed

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Hey there!

This post will help you catch up things concerning technology, web and social media stories of the past month.

For those of you who were on vacations it’s a great chance for you to start the last quarter of the year on strong information foundation. At the same time, the list below will help all of us organize what was happened the past month on the WWW.


New Digg Is Here! The reactions of the online community are controversial.

The new version of Digg adds the ability to follow people or publishers via a feature called My News, which appears to be Digg’s new Home Page (FB and Twitter-like).

Publishers may now automatically submit their content, whereas previously a power user must have submitted a story to appear on the Digg front page.

The new features and game theories behind the new Digg are being depicted nicely in this article.

Follow Nelios profile on the new Digg to keep track about interesting articles and news we have digged.

We have some invitations left for the new Digg – leave a comment, make sure you have a valid email and we will send you an invitation to explore all the changes by yourselves ;)


Google brings voice calling to Gmail!

Google is bringing Gmail and Google Voice together with the launch of phone call integration within Google Chat and Gmail.

Starting August 25th, you can call any phone right from Gmail. For starters, calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free for at least the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at very low rates.

More info at Gmail's official blog.


Do more with Google Translate!

Google Translate has a new look and now it's way simpler to discover and make the most of Google Translate’s many features and integrations.

(!) For example, did you know that you can search across languages on Google using Google Translate? Or that you can translate incoming email in Gmail or take Google Translate with you on your phone?


Gmail by Google Priority Inbox by Gmail!

With this new feature you 'll get the chance to focus on the messages that matter without requiring you to set up complex rules. It will be like a personal assistant!

Priority Inbox splits your inbox into three sections: “Important and unread,” “Starred” and “Everything else”:

Priority Inbox by Gmail

More info you will find at Gmail's official blog.


FoursquareFoursquare Now Tells You When You’ll Become Mayor!

Foursquare made a quick yet long-awaited tweak to its apps on August 26th. When you’re getting close to winning a Mayorship (within 10 check-ins), you’ll now see how far away you are from ousting the current Mayor.

More details you can find at Foursquare's blog.


FacebookFacebook Pages have now narrower Page tabs!

The width of the tabs reduced from 720 pixels to 520. So, if your Page contains elements that are over 520 pixels wide, you should reduce them to that width as soon as possible. This is a change that had been announced back in October 2009 but was delayed.


Major web and social media brands acquired other companies in an effort to broaden their services.


Facebook acquires FriendFeed
Google buys five companies in August

That's all from me! Hope I helped :) Is there anything else that you would have added to this list? Feel free to comment.


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