Monday, September 16, 2013

Reputation starts offline

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Although more and more travel is starting online, (where more that 85% of tourists make their decision), the reputation of your hotel is formed offline!

What does this mean?
Even though the decision, planning, transactions and reviews will happen online, the reputation of your hotel starts the moment your guest arrives in the area. The hotel as well as the traveler's enjoyment of the local area will have an impact on your reputation.
The use of technology by travelers affects your hotel's reputation in a number of ways. According to a TripAdvisor survey, travelers use technology in the following ways both during and after their holiday to share their experiences:

So, the real challenge is to help your client to enjoy a unique experience in your area and in your hotel and to give them an incentive to talk about it.

In the era of social networking criticism happens online and remains available for future travelers forever. For this reason the hotels that will survive are hotels that offer really good service and want to give the best value for money.


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