Friday, September 13, 2013

The role of location in traveler's hotel choice

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There are many factors that affect a traveler’s decision on what hotel to stay in. 
According to the survey by market metrix , the most important factor is location at 30.2%. Of course, if the traveler does not choose the destination where your hotel is based, then there is no chance of making the booking.

How can a hotel
influence a traveler’s mind about their chosen destination?

In a previous survey by the World Travel and Tourism Council about the influence of Social Media on tourism, it was announced that 7% (and counting) of travelers who use Social Media for research changed their final destinatio
n! This fact gives valuable information to hoteliers, who should keep two objectives in mind:
  1. To ensure that the traveler will not change his mind about where he first decided to travel i.e. the destination where the hotel is.
  2. To gain more undecided travelers who waver between destinations.
To achieve these two objectives you should convince your traveler through the content you post on Social Media that they will have the unique experience they are imagining. This is fairly easy if your content meets the following requirements:
  • It should be personalized and tailored to the potential customers (Different suggestions for families, couples etc). The content should be relevant and fully aligned with the traveler's needs.
  • It should give an overview of the activities, the attractions and generally the whole experience that the traveler will experience in the area.
  • The content should highlight the Unique Selling Proposals (USPs) of the destination and the hotel.
  • The content should be communicated at the right time. For example it does not make sense to publish an article about the best island beaches in September.
  • Finally, the content other than inspiring (photos of the destination, etc.) should be also useful. Given that the traveler is in a foreign country, may not know anything about it and may feel some insecurity it is a good idea to reassure them. It can prove very useful to post lists such as ‘Three days on the X Island…” or “Nightlife in X.” See the example provided of the Best Beaches in Patmos. In addition to a simple list, we have incorporated a custom Foursquare plugin that allows the traveler to find instructions on where to find the suggested places.
What other ways do you think could affect a traveler when it comes to choice of destination?


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