Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nelios supports the Athens Authentic Marathon

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Very few sport events curry such a big heritage as the Authentic Marathon does. Synonym with endurance, will, humanism, cause and history, the Marathon inspired many to embrace it, love it and run it. Modern-day’s most demanding athletic event motivates participants, spectators and friends to do more, to be more, to achieve the best they can achieve. This is why Nelios felt obliged to contribute to this year’s Authentic Marathon. Pro and amateur athletes who run inspire us to always bring out our best.

Nelios is a leader in the Digital Market of Greek Tourism, multiply awarded in Greece and Internationally for its breakthrough work and innovative campaigns. For the Athens Authentic Marathon we wanted to help all these people who will run, cheer, volunteer and participate in any way, get a pleasant, hassle-free experience while in Greece. This translates to an all-inclusive site that helps them find a place to stay, suggests them what to do while in Athens and facilitates them to special prices and perks!

Our concept was the Authentic Marathon itself, the course that Phidippides took, bearing the news of victory, from Marathon to Athens, millennia ago. We wanted to make it personal and subjective to the runner and the visitor. By implementing the concept to a story-telling design, we managed for the site to reflect the route and be informative and helpful at the same time. Lastly, as we got inspired by the participants of the Athens Authentic Marathon, we knew that more people will also get inspired by true stories, so we included a social aspect on our microsite, utilising the hashtag #AthensAuthenticMarathon. We look forward to seeing everyone posting, sharing and tweeting everything about the one and only Authentic Marathon, just as we do.

Visit the site and register or become a supporter here: http://www.athensauthentic.com/en/


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