Friday, January 29, 2016

Nelios, a landmark of Athens

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In its 8 years of operations Nelios has undergone many changes, but has remained constant in its goal of providing its clients with the best results. January finds the company achieving its resolution and going through one more change; one that has made everyone more cheerful and happy! Nelios moved to bigger and more spacious premises, conveniently located in the beating heart of Athens.

Nelios and Athens is a love affair that goes back to the very beginning of the company. Only last year we helped atenistas make Athens friendlier and developed a new, contemporary website for the Authentic Marathon. Everyone at Nelios knows that Tourism is about promotion, and happily dedicated time and energy in creative projects that seek to promote the beauty of living in Athens. So when the time came to find a new office space, we decided to do one more step in order to highlight the hidden beauties of Athens.

Proudly relocated at the junction of Aiolou, Evripidou and Agiou Markou, Nelios new office has seen the city transition from a small, empty town to a modern day megalopolis. No one knows for sure what was the building’s first use. Built some time after 1850, the offices that now host Nelios and welcome its friends and clients, are commonly referred as “Tsilias store”. Tsilias was a hat maker located on the ground floor of the building, but again no one knows exactly when he moved in or out. A photo taken between 1905-1910 has captured forever Aiolou Street and with it “Tsilias” store, whom the building took its modern day name from. Back then it had two floors, while later a third one was added, further expanding its commercial uses. The building underwent renovation in the middle of the ‘90s and ever since then it hosts leather shops on the ground floor and offices on its first and second storeys.

Excited with the new building, Nelios is ready to embark on a new year and a new journey open to ideas that will maintain its lead in the Field of Tourism Digital Marketing and set for even bigger and more exciting changes! So if you want to visit a living piece of Athens’ history, a landmark as old as the Old Parliament building, or just want to wish Nelios for its new offices and drink a coffee with us, we’ll be waiting for you, on the first floor of 29 Agiou Markou, Aiolou and Evripidou str.


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